Taking a Pattern of Your Foot
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Trace your feet.  While sitting in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, trace each foot on a piece of paper.  While tracing your foot, it is important that you hold the pencil completely vertical.  This works best if you have someone trace your foot for you.  Please note whether you are wearing a sock for the tracing, and if so, how thick a sock.  If you plan to wear a sock with the moccasins, it is best to wear that type of sock for the tracing.

Measure your feet.  Using a cloth measuring tape or string held comfortably snug but not too tightly, measure the circumference of around the ball of your foot (the widest part of your foot) and measure each foot separately as they may vary greatly.  Mark this measurement on the tracing at the point where it was taken.  Move the measuring tape about 1 ½ inches closer to the ankle, take another circumference measurement at this point on each foot, and mark the measurements on the tracing.

Include any additional information about your feet that can assist us in creating the most comfortable fit for you.   Additional information may include injuries, bunions, sensitive areas, deeper toe-box, or any other unique conditions.  If you plan to order boots, include a measurement of the circumference of your calf and note the height from the floor at which this measurement was taken.

Feel free to call us if you have questions about any of these steps. The more closely you follow these steps, the better the final fit.

Image of tracing exampleImage of tracing example

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